Video Poker – Learn one of the most played games in casinos today

Poker has many different variations, some needing you to bluff other players, some needing you to learn complicated betting patterns and then you have video poker. After playing it for a few minutes, you will notice that video poker is extremely simple to play. It works similar to a slot machine, but it gives you more control than a standard slot machine will. There are a great deal of free video poker games around the internet and these can be a great place to learn.

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If you start off at a free video poker option, it will allow you to learn the game without losing money

The main game of video poker is you are initially dealt 5 cards. Why this is preferred over most slot machines is you have more control over the outcome. After the initial 5 cards are dealt, you are then able to choose which number of cards you keep hold of and the ones you drop. The cards that you drop disappear and are replaced by new cards for you to create a strong hand out of.

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There is a video poker strategy that you can learn that can help you know which cards to keep

video poker

The image below shows you the standard video poker strategy. It basically shows you how many cards you should keep and how many you should drop, depending on the hand you are trying to make. The stereotypical winning hands are as follows: A pair of high cards (picture cards or aces), Two pairs, Three of a kind (3 of the same number), a straight (a run of cards, e.g 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), a flush (all cards of matching suit), a full house (2 of one number and 3 of another), Four of a kind (4 of the same number), a straight flush (a run of cards, eg. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and all of the same suit) and a Royal Flush (10, jack, queen, king, ace, all of the same suit).

Playing poker video is extremely fun and it’s a game you can play on your own and just chill out with

There are a lot of different scenarios possible depending on how many cards you recycle after the first deal in poker video. Each card produces different odds. The payout will also differ depending on the amount of bet you put on, there is a maximum bet on video poker machines. The lower the bet, the lower the win. If you want to win big then you need to look at achieving the royal flush so this will determine which cards you hold.

If you are playing for the first time, always start with video poker free as you can get a feel for it

All around the world, video poker free is played constantly. It was a very popular draw to customers when it first came out and it still is now. By playing for free, you can try a different way every time to find out what works for you. Some versions may also include a joker which gives you more variations to win more coins. It is a basic game but will always be hugely popular.

With so many free video poker games available to you, there’s no excuse to not know what you’re doing

By playing the free version, it gives you the chance to master it before you pay. Take advantage of that fact. If you want to take the jackpot, take it from spending as little as possible. There is plenty of information available that explain the player rules but actually playing the game for free is the best way to learn. As long as you have put in the back work, you will give yourself the best chance of cleaning up and winning the maximum available and you will see why free video poker is one of the best type of slots on the market.